Baseball Hall of Fame Private Videoconference Program – Dirt On Their Skirts

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Program Description:
“Take me out to the ball game,” sang Katie Casey in the famous baseball anthem. Katie was not alone. Women and girls have always loved and played the game and have worked hard to fulfill their baseball dreams. In this unit, students will analyze milestones and events in the history of women and girls in baseball to determine how their achievements led to greater opportunities for all. During the videoconference, students will work with museum teachers to reinforce concepts and ideas introduced in the classroom.

  • Discuss gender stereotypes in sports, and learn how female baseball players have challenged those stereotypes.
  • Explore the important role played by the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in American history.
  • Compare and contrast the experiences of female baseball players and all-women's baseball teams during different eras of American history.
  • Duration: 60 minutes (can be shorter or longer)
  • Grades: 3-12
  • Price: $TBD