Baseball Hall of Fame Private Videoconference Program – Science and the Sandlot

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Program Description:
Have you ever wondered about those raised red cotton stitches on a baseball? Sure, they hold the cowhide together, but did you know they also teach an interesting lesson in aerodynamics? Why do some hitters choke up on the bat? Why do some players wear batting gloves? Why is every hit not a home run? What’s the major league math behind wood versus aluminum bats? Find answers to these questions in the physics of friction, center of mass, forces of motion, coefficient of restitution, magnus effect and other concepts that become fascinating factors in a batter’s ability to launch the long ball. Maybe Issac Newton couldn’t snap a pop fly, but he can coach you in the surprisingly scientific feat of catching up to a 100 miles per hour fastball in just 0.4 second and sending it into orbit! Step out of the dugout and up to the plate as the Baseball Hall of Fame delivers a lively look at science on the sandlot. During the videoconference, students will work with museum teachers to reinforce concepts and ideas introduced in the classroom.

  • Examine historical aspects and physical forces involved in playing baseball, relying on museum and library collections, equipment, video and film, testimonials and web features.
  • Analyze the physical concepts behind hitting, pitching and fielding as they impact the way baseball is played, including tools that are used and how scientific variables affect choices and approaches to the game.
  • Understand the vocabulary and several concepts of physics related to fundamentals of scientific inquiry.
  • Duration: 60 minutes (can be shorter or longer)
  • Grades: 3-12
  • Price: $150