Baseball Hall of Fame Private Videoconference Program – Tools of the Trade

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Program Description:
Baseball has been part of United States history for more than 150 years. Technological factors, economic resources, concern for safety and protection, and growing expectations have resulted in changes to equipment and the game. In this unit, students explore how equipment has made the game and mirrored important developments in history and industry. They will exercise their observation and reasoning skills, and put their creativity to the test as they design the next generation of baseball's tools of the trade. During the videoconference, students will work with museum teachers to reinforce concepts and ideas introduced in the classroom.

  • Examine historical artifacts and modern-day baseball equipment.
  • Analyze, through dialog and discussion, the physical characteristics of equipment; compare and contrast similarities and differences.
  • Understand how factors of change that operate in society at large have led to advances in baseball equipment and the evolving nature of the game itself.
  • Duration: 60 minutes (can be shorter or longer)
  • Grades: 3-12
  • Price: $150