The Center for Learning with Nature

The Center For Learning With Nature

The Center for Learning with Nature is a non-profit organization leading efforts to reconnect children with Nature and engage students in STEAM in school environments, through the fascinating world of Nature-inspired innovation. Our award-winning curricula is now used in schools across the country.

The natural world is a superlative educational aid in teaching students science, technology, engineering, art, and math in rigorous ways that simultaneously inspire interest, optimism, and creativity. Moreover, innovation inspired by Nature (known also as bio-inspired innovation, biomimicry, or biomimetics) is one of the fastest growing drivers of breakthrough technologies today – everything from energy-efficient cell phones inspired by the way butterflies produce color, to neuron-based computer programs used in the early detection of cancer – providing the perfect opportunity to teach STEAM in an engaging as well as 21st century way. Through these approaches, The Center for Learning with Nature helps teachers integrate wonder and technological mentorship from the natural world into everyday education, foster students’ admiration of the amazing world we live in, and the next generation’s skills and aspirations to create a human-built world in which people and Nature thrive together.

Mission Statement

We believe education should enrich each person’s quality of life, nurture a love of learning lasting a lifetime, and foster the prosperity of the planet and humankind.

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