Grades 4-6 | Roper Mountain Science Center presents Wagons West - Nov 20, 2018 10:10am EST

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About this event:

Created by Streamable Learning

Come with us on a journey along the Oregon Trail! The students will find out what it was really like to travel across the Great Plain, rivers and mountains to finally arrive in Oregon City in family groups. We will examine the motivations and challenges of those who made the journey West.

Directions for the program to teachers:

This program is a two part the first part will take place in your classroom before you actually join us on November 20.

Please break your class into three or four groups: Each group will become a family that is traveling the Oregon Trail: The Ellis family, Steiner family, McCoy family and (if you have four groups) the Ingalls family.

Included in the attached file are sheets of money that are authentic to the time period. Print out one sheet of each denomination for each of your groups. Each family will have a total of $125 to use in the auction where the students will decide which items they want to bring with them on their journey along the Oregon Trail. You will be conducting a short auction in the classroom before we meet. One of the pages in the PDF includes a list of items available at the auction as well as a list of supplies that each family will already have. It is a good idea to have your students watch the Preview before you have the auction in your classroom. After they have watched the video you can give them time to review which items they think will be most beneficial for their survival. In their group they could decide on how much they would like to spend on each item.

Auction: Feel free to watch the video during the auction and fast forward to the items. You can simply pause on the item. It is fun to use your auction voice, but if you’re a bit rusty you can simply say the amounts. Please remind your groups that the spokesperson is the one that should be doing the bidding. Once a group buys an item you will want to collect the money from the banker and give that group the picture of the object they purchased. This will help them remember what the purchased when we come back for our actual program on November 20. The groups will also need to fill out the Auction Purchases page.

During our live program we will travel down the Oregon Trail where students will learn what it was like and if their purchases would help their survival along the trail.

Wagons West Streamable Learning Materials

Auction Preview:


Grade Range: 4-6

Curriculum: History

Tags: American history, wild west, westward expansion