Maria Gianferrari (Author)


I grew up in Keene, New Hampshire, where I lived with my parents, my two siblings, and our Nonna. We lived in several different houses there, but the one near Barrett’s Farm with a barn-shaped garage, and a view of Mount Monadnock was my favorite. 

We played many a game of hide and seek in the adjacent cornfield. Call me crazy, but I still love the pungent scent of cow and chicken manure. We would play outside all day, climbing trees, catching toads, watching birds, digging for clay and slapping cow patties!

Our house sat across the street from a maple sugar house. Sap buckets hung from the trees, and cotton candy-scented clouds filled the late winter air. 

My mother used to ring a bell when it was time for dinner. Though I haven’t slapped many cow patties lately, I am still a nature girl at heart, and feel most at home in the woods among trees. 

I write both fiction and nonfiction picture books. I am inspired by the human-animal bond. I love dogs, and most of my fiction picture books star dogs as main characters and were inspired by my late, very beloved rescue dog, Becca. 

My nonfiction picture books focus on the natural world. I love trees and birds and all kinds of wild creatures. I’m fascinated by the subject of urban ecology, and the ways in which wild animals have adapted to life and co-existence with humans.

I am represented by amazing agent-author Ammi-Joan Paquette, and loving being a member of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency (EMLA) family!