North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences


Welcome to an extraordinary resource! North Carolina’s most visited museum with one of the State’s most iconic landmarks—the SECU Daily Planet. The NC Museum of Natural Sciences is the largest institution of its kind in the South East and one of the nation’s most amazing museums about the natural world. This Museum asks four basic questions about the natural sciences—what do we know?, how do we know?, what’s happening now?, how can you participate?—with an integrated suite of onsite, offsite, online and outdoor experiences.

The NC Museum of Natural Sciences is a high-performing nexus of research, collections, living collections, exhibitions and digital media, school and lifelong education, community engagement, and a regional network—each fueled by great expertise and a diversifying portfolio of public, earned and contributed funds. Progress is forged by maximizing the dividends on a remarkable history of public and private sector investments with a growing array of partnerships.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to illuminate the natural world and inspire its conservation.

Defined as the service-driven ways we think, act and react, the values of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences became a sequence of three levels. Our foundation: integrity, professionalism and commitment. Our approach: inclusive, innovative and collaborative. Our outcomes: engagement, impact and sustainability.

For any questions or to schedule a private program at an additional charge, please contact:

Laura Speer,