Northwest Trek Wildlife Park


Northwest Trek is a 725-acre, all native Pacific Northwest wildlife park. Born from the vision of Doctor David Hellyer, the park opened in 1975 as a way to connect people with nature and engage children in the wonders of native wildlife. The park has grown to now be home to 35 different species and over 200 individual animals including Moose, Roosevelt Elk, Bison, Grizzly Bear, Grey Wolves, Canada Lynx, River Otters, Raccoons, Bald Eagles and more!

Northwest Trek has a long history dedicated to conservation and has been involved in a variety of wildlife programs that have helped to restore native species like Fisher, Pygmy Rabbits, and Oregon Spotted Frogs to the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to our commitment to conservation, Northwest Trek provides high quality educational programming to audiences on-site and around the globe. Virtual programs allow participants to learn, explore and interact with educators and animal care staff on a variety of topics and animals. Programs utilize a variety of techniques including live presentations, props, videos, photos, and activities.

For any questions or to schedule a private program at an additional charge, please contact: Jessica Moore,

Mission Statement

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is dedicated to conservation, education, and recreation by displaying, interpreting and researching native Northwest wildlife and natural habitats.