Planet Bee


Planet Bee’s environmental STEM lessons are developmentally appropriate for grades K-12 and align with the Next Generation Science Standards, the Common Core, and many state and local standards. Carefully developed to nurture the whole child, our lessons combine cross-curricular concepts from all academic areas and foster character education through inclusion and the celebration of diversity.

To learn more about Planet Bee and our educational programs visit our website or view this video to learn more about all of the components of Planet Bee’s Hybrid Environmental Education Program. To register for additional virtual STEM lessons or to access our video lessons and supplemental materials register here.

In our commitment to social justice, we are dedicated to bringing high-quality STEM to learners of all walks of life. Using the engineering mindset students that participate in our interactive lessons are invited to explore life inside of a beehive, bee biology, adaptations, and the vital role bees play in our food systems and ecosystems. Our unique methods for integrating real-world math present engage students as they apply classroom math skills to tangible environmental connections. Each lesson includes stewardship initiatives that empower students with the actions they can take to become champions for the bees, the environment, and each other.

Planet Bee Foundation is an environmental education 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to change the world - One Bee and One Mind at a Time! We are dedicated to creating a green-minded generation by spotlighting the struggling bee as a springboard into STEM fields and environmental literacy, through stewardship and individual action.