Planet Bee


We are dedicated to creating a green-minded generation by spotlighting the struggling bee to foster environmental literacy and stewardship through the power of individual action.

We work with schools, nonprofits, summer camps, environmental centers, community gardens and businesses to build long lasting care of the struggling honey bee and the environment by presenting hands-on, educational workshops on location.

Planet Bee is working towards a future in which children and adults are exposed to global environmental issues, and given the tools to combat them. Today the American child spends an average of 7 hours a day in front of a screen inside, away from nature. Planet Bee's educational programs take students outside, playing a crucial role in connecting children with the earth at the time when they are developing the values which will steer the course of their lives. Outdoor education not only brightens our planet's future, but also improves students' performance in school.

We envision a world in which all students feel empowered to take action for their planet, regardless of race, gender, class or location. Through our work, students will learn to love our planet and the importance of individual action in global movements, and will become more equipped to tackle environmental problems in the future.


Social Justice - Our programs are provided to schools and nonprofits at NO COST to ensure equity and accessibility for all.

Stewardship – Small actions today make larger change in the future. Culture shifts begin with small steps, which escalate to something bigger.

Individuality - Unique perspectives and solutions to environmental issues are crucial for the future of our planet.

Curiosity – Asking questions leads to discovery. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and these leaders need to be constantly seeking better, more innovative solutions to environmental problems.