Stony Brook WTC Wellness Program

The Remembering 9/11 teaching unit was created to give educators a resource for incorporating this essential part of history into their lesson plans, whether through language arts, history, political science, or other subject matters. Children coming of age in this post-9/11 world are too young to remember the event, and thus often do not have a clear understanding of its ongoing impact on our world. In collaborating with educators to develop curriculums that meet their needs, our program has identified three broad goals: (1) Educate students, particularly those who are too young to remember 9/11 but mature enough to be educated about the event itself and its lasting social, psychological, and physical impacts, and encourage them to think about it critically from various angles. (2) Inform students and their communities about resources for those who were/are affected by 9/11, as mental and physical health issues continue to exist and be discovered. (3) Encourage the institution of teaching 9/11 in schools, particularly in the New York tristate area.

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