Texas State Aquarium Private Videoconference Program – Virtual Zoology Labs


Program Description:

Your students will become junior zoologists when they enter Texas State Aquarium’s Aquavision Virtual Zoology Labs. Our state-of-the-art, HD cameras provide your class a live look into the Aquarium, broadcasting a real-time view of the animals’ interactions with their habitats and each other. Choose from one of the following labs focused on STEM process skills from observation and description, to data collection and communication.

Long bodies, sharp teeth, and a top predator… you guessed it sharks! Join us in the Virtual Shark Zoology Lab to discover how sharks move, what their teeth are like, and the parts that make up their bodies. Your students will practice important STEM process skills by observing and describing real live sharks, collecting data and communicating what they learned from sharks in Texas State Aquarium habitats.

Sea Turtles
Shells on their backs, live in water, and move slowly… you guessed it, sea turtles! In this Zoology Lab you will observe, collect data, and communicate what you have learned from the sea turtles themselves.

Long legs, long necks, pink bodies… you guessed it, Flamingos! In this Zoology Lab, you will explore and discover what makes a flamingo so unique by using STEM process skills to observe flamingo adaptations and behaviors.

Strolling along the beach will take on new meaning as you discover the residents of nearshore habitats. Practice your STEM process skills of observation, data collection, science writing and communication to tell the story of the seaside habitats.

Caribbean Sea
Swimming in schools or swimming alone, many types of fishes are found in the Caribbean Sea habitat at the Texas State Aquarium. Use your STEM process skills of observation, data collection, and communication to study one group of fish and teach others about it.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Grades: K-5
  • Price: $60 per session (Up to 30 students)