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Live Learning Canada is Live & Interactive Curriculum

Our mission is to assist in making live educational programming a valuable, necessary, and common supplemental tool for teachers and homeschool families that are seeking to inspire and educate their K-12 students.


Sample Programs

Bee Well Honey Farm presents Bees and Honey Part One

This program will showcase the evolution of honey gathering...

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Birds of Prey Presents Owlloween

Join the Center for Birds of Prey Staff for an up close look at the world of owls. Explore their unique adaptations...

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Recent News


Apr 12, 2018: Live Learning Canada Announces Founding Partners and Free Live and Interactive Learning Pilot Program.

Hundreds of Programs Streaming Right Into Your Classroom

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Using and Registering for Live Learning Canada

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Why Join Live Learning Canada

The world is full of passionate subject matter experts who are engaging students in authentic experiential learning, supporting student inquiry, and supplementing the curriculum to provide students with an amplified educational experience. Our job is to make live streamed programs relevant, affordable, and accessible. Joining a live streamed event is as easy as turning on your computer and clicking on a link.

Now that we’ve done our job, we’ll let our content partners take it from here.

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