About Us

At Live Learning Canada we believe in the future of live educational video content and the value it can bring to education. Whether students engage in group programs (live streaming), or one-on-one or small group programs (videoconferencing), technology is connecting your classroom to unique locations and unrivaled subject matter expertise from around the world.

Yes, we’d prefer that every encounter from in-person, but until our friends in other parts of the technology ecosystem make that possible, we are happy to bring our content to you.

We are dedicated to bringing you superior quality content on a schedule that works for you and your students. We seek out diverse content providers from various geographic locations who are offering unique and engaging educational content and programs for K-12 students. Our collaborative partnerships ensure that all of our content providers to have everything they need to make your time together as valuable as possible.

Feel free to give us a call anytime or send us your thoughts. Our community is all about interacting.

Our Mission

We provide Canadian educators and educational content providers with a platform that fosters interactive educational experiences through live streamed programming. We would love to hear from you. Contact us anytime with your questions, comments, or recommendations for new content providers.