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Virtual Programs to Prepare Students for College

Future-Bound is Your Live & Interactive Streaming Option For:

  • College Admissions Readiness and Test Prep


There is more to college planning than just preparing for the SAT or ACT. That is why we have designed a comprehensive offering of programs that will allow you to explore all the aspects of preparing for and applying to college. In the process, we will help you apply your organizational skills, increase your confidence in your future planning and of course, improve your test scores.


At $149 $99 our college admissions readiness and test prep service is crazy inexpensive when compared to anything else being offered.


It goes without saying that today’s teens are busy. So the final hurdle in creating Future-Bound was tackling convenience. How did we make our comprehensive, affordable programming convenient to access? We, solved it in three ways:

  • Live and interactive streaming - we make our programs accessible through the computing devices that teens know, all too well: computers, tablets and even phones. No travel required.
  • A calendar of programs, offered on multiple dates and times, scheduled in advance. This way our subscribers know the full schedule of events from day one and can plan accordingly.
  • Recordings - when you can’t make it live, our programs are recorded.

Our comprehensive approach helps students:

      1) Establish and carry out a winning academic and extracurricular game plan
      2) Develop a list of perspective schools which best meet their needs
      3) Set up college visits and prepare for interviews
      4) Maximize standardized test scores and academic achievement
      5) Establishing a timeline which helps them move step-by-step through the process
      6) Dramatically increases their potential for successful admission
      7) Create effective essays for college and scholarship applications
      8) Locate and secure vital financial assistance and/or scholarships

  • Programs generally include worksheets, powerpoints, parent articles
  • Parents are free to attend programs with you.

For High School Students and Families

We include a schedule of college planning courses, three ACT boot camps and three SAT boot camps. And, if you are not sure which test is for you, don’t worry that is something we cover. You can go to one or all of the boot camps.

SAT Test Dates:
Saturday March 9, 2019
Saturday May 4, 2019

SAT Boot Camps
Boot Camp 1 - Thursday February 7, 2019 - Wednesday February 20, 2019
Boot Camp 2 - Thursday February 21, 2019 - Thursday March 7, 2019
Boot Camp 3 - Thursday April 17, 2019 - Thursday May 2, 2019

ACT Test Dates
Saturday February 9, 2019
Saturday April 13, 2019

ACT Boot Camps
Boot Camp 1 - Monday January 13, 2019 - Thursday January 26, 2019
Boot Camp 2 - Saturday January 26, 2019 - Thursday February 7, 2019
Boot Camp 3 - Monday April 1, 2019 - Thursday April 11, 2019

  • College planning courses kick-off in mid October 2018, wrapping up in early April 2019
  • All events are recorded for viewing any time
  • Programs are offered on Mondays (7:00 PM EST), Wednesdays (8:00 PM EST),and Saturdays (11:00 AM EST)

College Prep Calendar PDF SAT / ACT Boot Camp Calendar PDF

Technical Requirements (for all Future Bound Programs)

Download the free Zoom app to your phone, table and/or computer
Make sure you have access to high speed Internet access


While we love the flexibility built into our service, perhaps even better are our price points. Our end to end counseling and prep courses generally cost families in the thousands of dollars when done locally and in person, but through live & interactive streaming we are able to offer this service for under $100/per student/per year.

College Prep & Counseling

Pre-register today, pay when our programs start.


  • Student or Family Registration Price
    Website sign-up, per student or family - $149.99 $99 per student, per year
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    American College of the Building Arts (Admissions Program)

    Enjoy a roundtable discussion with some of the professors at the American College of the Building Arts in Charleston, SC. A one-of-a-kind liberal arts school, ACBA is the only college in the country to offer an Associate and Bachelor of Applied Science degree in the Building Arts.

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    Future-Bound College Prep

    Watch a sample program on Plugging Numbers to Improve Your Math Score.

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