About Us

We believe in the value that interactive livestreams can bring to education.

We started by creating a platform linking our content partners (Zoos, Museums, Historical Sites, Authors, Science Centers, etc.) and their subject matter experts to thousands of K-12 classrooms and homeschools. It was our belief that by leveraging existing technology, we had the opportunity to develop a platform that delivers desirable, educational content from all over the world.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Streamable Learning has become the leading provider of interactive livestreams in the K-12 market. Through our subscription services, we host well over 700 livestreams a year from around the world that are designed to bring subject-matter experts and students together. Our abundance of livestreams coupled with on-demand recordings are designed to supplement existing lesson plans and equalize access to educational resources for schools and districts across the U.S. and Canada.

Our Mission

Through quality educational content and an easy-to-use platform, Streamable Learning aims to in introduce interactive livestreams as a valuable supplemental tool for schools and districts seeking to inspire and educate their K-12 students.

Our Promise

  • Provide an unsurpassed number of unique and interactive livestream programs.
  • Feature a diverse set of subject-matter experts who deliver engaging content that promotes real-time interaction.
  • Deliver content using a modern platform that the our communities deserve: easy to use, affordable, and always improving.

Streamable Learning, Inc.
38 Romney Street
Charleston, SC 29403

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