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Our mission is to assist in making live educational programming a valuable, common supplemental tool for teachers and homeschool families that are seeking to inspire and educate their K-12 students.


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We can’t wait to show it to you an entirely new version of our platform in time for the 2017-2018 school year. It will be filled with over 400 live streams and hundreds of video conferencing programs, when you want to enjoy a premium, one-on-one classroom experience.


Educators are busy and need tools that are simple to use. We like to keep it simple, too.

How It Works


Search through our engaging, live stream calendar of events and video conference catalog of programs.


As a subscriber to our calendar of events, book with one simple click or as a guest, email us your request for a video conference program.


All you need is WiFi, PC or Mac and display. Simply click your link to drop in.

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